Herein I shall endeavor to engage the reader in colorful reports of the events, personages and adventures that manifest at this modest but accommodating public house, now tucked quaintly beside the picturesque port at the southern edge of Antiquity Citadel.

Friday, August 29, 2008


It was on Monday, August 18, that I informally removed the “Opening Soon” sign from the tavern’s front door and considered myself open for business. I need not relate what toil filled the preceeding four days, as any shopkeeper or merchant could surmise it was merely an endless series of decision-making and expenditures. It was not without its thrills and delights, however, as all that I envisioned--and much more--quickly came into being.

Many were the passersby who saw me working and stepped through the doors to take a look, or to bid me a hearty welcome. My gratitude to them is boundless, as I benefited greatly from the opinions, recommendations and compliments that were offered to me. There were many questions, of course, about when the "grand opening" would take place. I have yet to arrange one, though the idea does hold its appeal.

Monday, August 25, 2008


We owe so much to providence! It was on August 14 that I first found myself in the delightful realm of Antiquity, an expansive Victorian sim. I was immediately charmed by the surroundings, and could not help but ponder whether there might be any residences available for rental. A few weeks in this seemingly restful place, I thought, might be a nice change of pace for me.

I happened upon a woman at a nearby shop and asked her if she by chance knew of any rental properties in the area. She said she did not know of any, but laughingly mentioned that I could rent the vacant tavern that stood just a few yards away, at the edge of a small harbor. I had not even though of such an undertaking, but instantly felt it was something to consider indeed.

I proceeded to explore the establishment, which had been abandoned, I later learned, by its previous tenant. All of its furnishings were still intact, which I must say is probably what prompted me to proceed with renting the place within just a few minutes. My thinking was that I would rent it for a week, and during that time investigate more fully the prospect of starting a business there.

Within a short time I learned that all of the tavern's contents still belonged to the previous tenant. My landlord, Duke Drake Moyer, let me know I could make use of anything I wished that was still in the tavern. However, I suspected that doing such a thing would be foolish, as the prior tavern keeper could turn up at any time and claim his goods. That would indeed have left me stranded. Additionally, anything that I do not own I cannot move! So within a few days I had cleared out his stock, top to bottom (the Duke returned them to their owner), and I started the process of making the space my own. Designing and creating is where the most joy can be found, in SL.

And thus, my first adventure as an SL merchant was underway.