Herein I shall endeavor to engage the reader in colorful reports of the events, personages and adventures that manifest at this modest but accommodating public house, now tucked quaintly beside the picturesque port at the southern edge of Antiquity Citadel.

Friday, August 29, 2008


It was on Monday, August 18, that I informally removed the “Opening Soon” sign from the tavern’s front door and considered myself open for business. I need not relate what toil filled the preceeding four days, as any shopkeeper or merchant could surmise it was merely an endless series of decision-making and expenditures. It was not without its thrills and delights, however, as all that I envisioned--and much more--quickly came into being.

Many were the passersby who saw me working and stepped through the doors to take a look, or to bid me a hearty welcome. My gratitude to them is boundless, as I benefited greatly from the opinions, recommendations and compliments that were offered to me. There were many questions, of course, about when the "grand opening" would take place. I have yet to arrange one, though the idea does hold its appeal.

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