Herein I shall endeavor to engage the reader in colorful reports of the events, personages and adventures that manifest at this modest but accommodating public house, now tucked quaintly beside the picturesque port at the southern edge of Antiquity Citadel.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


What an amazing few weeks it has been!

And who could have anticipated it, indeed? What began as a price increase dictated from the halls of Linden Labs has led to a profound change in all of Antiquity. Many landowners decided to release some of their holdings, and thus the land of Antiquity has diminished in size by perhaps forty or fifty percent--or that is what it seems. The lovely Antiquity Shouls, within which I was operating The Blue Whale since August 14, no longer exists. Drake Moyer has moved much of his holdings there to what was once Antiquity Forest, and has re-named it Antiquity Citadel. The sim is now dominated by a majestic and beautiful castle, and a high wall surrounds virtually the entire sim. On the southern edge of the sim is a small port, accessible through a wide break in the wall--and there now sits the newly opened tavern.
I could not have selected a better spot myself. The duke was generous in allowing me such an advantageous position, as travelers disembarking at the port are bound to see my tavern and perhaps step in for rest and refreshment.

And the best news of all, to which I owe the duke a great debt of gratitude, is that I have built an entirely new tavern. It is my first attempt at building an entire structure, and I could not be more pleased with it....unless perhaps I had a hundred more prims to work with! I will follow this post soon with more details.

But for the moment, more images will serve...

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