Herein I shall endeavor to engage the reader in colorful reports of the events, personages and adventures that manifest at this modest but accommodating public house, now tucked quaintly beside the picturesque port at the southern edge of Antiquity Citadel.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Shortly after I arrived in Antiquity Shouls, it intrigued me to receive a communication from a distant cousin I had not seen since we played together as boys in Ireland, Mr. Tad Flanagan. He wrote of his plans to visit me during an upcoming trip to our shores. I would have certainly in short order dispatched a reply, conveying my welcome, had it not been that within mere days, while away from home, I received a message from the thoughtful Mr. Kris Electricteeth that Mr. Flanagan had appeared at the tavern asking for me! I hastened back to Antiquity Shouls, and was able to visit with the man briefly before an unnamed objective took him off into the night once again. He departed the way he had arrived, via a small submersible vessel awaiting him at the docks, the like of which I had never seen. In truth, so much time has passed since we were last in each other's presence, he may as well have been a complete stranger to me. Nonetheless, he intends to remain in Antiquity for some time to come, and thus I will continue to report on this mysterious cousin of mine, as events dictate. He is not one to convey an excess of verbiage, so there is still much I shall no doubt learn of him, his origins, and the nature of his business in Antiquity.

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