Herein I shall endeavor to engage the reader in colorful reports of the events, personages and adventures that manifest at this modest but accommodating public house, now tucked quaintly beside the picturesque port at the southern edge of Antiquity Citadel.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


It behooves the prudent tradesman to note the kindness of patrons who elevate his station. As such, I have resolved to remember -- to the best of my ability -- the friendly souls who honored me with their presence at The Blue Whale’s grand opening reception on the thirteenth of September. Gratitude is but one of the many emotions I felt at the size of the crowd who deemed my tavern worthy of a visit that day. Joy, humility and excitement would not be out of place on the day’s list of feelings. And yes, pride would be there among them.

My concern over the intrusion of Hurricane Ike into the proceedings proved unwarranted. The storm was still quite strong during the event--indeed throughout the day--but its effect proved insignificant.

I need not dwell too much on the specifics of the afternoon at the tavern, as most can assume what transpires at a reception. The accompanying images convey a good sense of the merriment. There was much socializing, a good bit of dancing, and plenty to drink and eat. We saw the fall of night, and the rise of the dawn, so how can it be deemed anything other than a complete success?

Among the revelers were Merryman Mondegreen, Titanas Vella, Renate Marchionne, Scattered Sideways (my gracious hostess), Brother Easterwood and okwaho Euler. Also in attendance were Merk Thor, Quintas Beaumont, Rafeal Fabre, Tiernan Quandry, Merryann Munster, Malibu DuPont, Elspeth Woolley, Baht McMahon, Raine Milena, Sanpierre Juran, Cenci Criss, Avariel Falcon, Varlenn Morgath, ferre Howlett, Alexandra Lowenhart and Kris Electricteeth. I commend my hostess for keeping a record of the visitors. Preoccupied with keeping the guests served and making a photographic record, I had not even thought of writing down names!
I also must commend those guests who were so willing to set aside past differences and merely enjoy the day in peace. I did not hear any talk of prior victories and defeats, nor did I hear uncomfortable boasting. It was merely a time of relaxation and sheer fun, and I am grateful to all who participated.
With the success of this, my first attempt at a tavern social event, I have resolved to organize other such gatherings on a somewhat regular basis, to the extent the my other obligations will allow.

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